Mini Flashlight Style Counterfeit Detector Keychain

The Mini Flashlight Style Counterfeit Detector keychain works on all new United States, Canadian, and Euro currency as well as many international paper bills, checks, and credit cards. This counterfeit detector features a timeless brushed aluminum look, and doubles as a key chain and comes ready with 3 batteries loaded size AG3, and 3 spare batteries, free!

Stop losing money to counterfeit!
Taxi and Limo drivers, waiters, shops, bars, restaurants, and every other place of business which accepts cash payments can fall victim to counterfeit. Profits go down when you don't use a counterfeit detector!

Counterfeit Detection takes little time.
Counterfeit Detection saves money!

Other Uses

Make sure you protect yourself and your business from counterfeit by using the Counterfeit Detector key chain, a discreet counterfeit detector equipped with an Ultraviolet LED, which is used to detect secret fluorescent inks used in American, Canadian, European, British, and many international currencies.

By using the Counterfeit Detector key chain system, you can check any bill for counterfeit BEFORE accepting it!  It only takes a few seconds, and it can save you hundreds of dollars!  Counterfeit detection saves your business money!  Our product is durable — made of metal, not plastic.

You don’t need to fall victim to counterfeit money anymore. Save your business thousands of dollars by ordering the Counterfeit Detector key chain counterfeit detection system today!

The Counterfeit Detector Technology
For the world’s various currency, several security features are incorporated into the bills in order to distinguish between authentic currency and counterfeit notes.

One of the common measures is to have certain marks that glow florescent only when an Ultra violet light shines on it. Scanner manufacturers use “black light” or florescent bulbs that emit the UV rays on the currency note surface to look for the proper florescent feature to glow.

We have simply miniaturized the equipment so that the UV light comes in a small ultra-violet light emitting diode (LED) as small as a key chain powered by small watch batteries. By using a small LCD, Counterfeit Detector key chain makes it possible to go anywhere with your counterfeit detector.  Because money changes hand everywhere, it can travel with you.

Retail Price of the Counterfeit Detector is $9.95 Each

Now You Can Order On Line at the Special Price of
3 Counterfeit Detectors for $12.99 or 6 Counterfeit Detectors are $19.99

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