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USA New Currency Notes Have a Security Thread - A polymer thread embedded vertically in the paper to the left or right of the portrait indicates the denomination of the bill. Respectively the words "USA FIVE", USA TEN”, “USA TWENTY”, “USA 50”, “USA 100” , and a flag can be seen from both sides of the notes when held up to a bright light. The polymer thread glows a specific color when UV Light shines on it as follows:

New US$5 thread glows blue. (issued since mid 2000)
New US$10 thread glows orange. (issue since mid 2000)
New US$20 thread glows green. (issued since fall 1998)
New US$50 thread glows yellow. (issued since 1997)
New US$100 thread glows red. (issued since March 1996)

Correct position of the threads:

(information obtained from the web site of the USA Bureau of Engraving and Printing's (BEP) web site http://www.bep.treas.gov/section.cfm/4)

United States New 2003 $20 Bill
In 2003 the United States mint introduced a new $20 bill, the most frequently counterfeited bill, which introduces subtle color tones into the background of the bill. A new $50 bill will arrive in 2004, with a new $100 bill following in 2005.

UV Features in the New Twenty
As with the 1998 $20 bill, the 2003 issue has a security thread that glows green under UV light. This thread can be seen from both the front and back of the bill. If you are looking at the front of the bill, the security thread can be seen on the far left, as shown below.



There are currently two types of Canadian currency circulating: new (2002 issued) and older (1986 issued).

The older currency includes denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and $1000. There are dots (planchettes) randomly scattered on both sides of the notes. Place the tip of the Counter-Detect counterfeit detection UV Light at a 45° angle 5.5 cm away from a dot and shine. Genuine currency: the dot should glow florescent blue-green.

The new currency issues so far are only $5 and $10 notes. Turn to the front side where the face of the Canadian Prime Minister is and shine the Counter-Detect counterfeit detection UV Light at 45° angle at the forehead area. Hidden words should glow visible showing the denominations in English and French: For the $5, “FIVE CINQ”. For the $10, “DIX TEN”. In the area below these words there should be the Coat of Arms of Canada, followed by the words BANK OF CANADA BANQUE DU CANADA. See the image below.

“All (US) & Canadian bank notes have a number of security features that help make it easier to spot a fake. Always compare a suspect note to a note that you know is genuine. Look at the various security features and never rely on any single anti-counterfeiting measure to authenticate a bank note.” (Bank of Canada)



The new Euro currency features unique sizes and colors for each denomination. The more the bill is worth, the larger the bill. All Euros feature a security thread which glows under UV light.

5 EUR Grey 120x62 mm
10 EUR Red 127x67 mm
20 EUR Blue 133x72 mm
50 EUR Orange 140x77 mm
100 EUR Green 147x82 mm
200 EUR Yellow-brown 153x82 mm
500 EUR Purple 160x82 mm


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